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Madden 22’s ratings for rookies have been released

I’m happy to report that I was quite accurate in my prediction of Julio Jones. I expected the 32-year-old veteran to score a 93 all-around, but he’s checking into the Titans at a stunning 95. He finished his Madden 21 season there Madden 22 coins, and EA appears to have no concern about his age or health. It’s possible Jones might be among the top five WRs of Madden 22 depending on the rankings of other receivers.

Derrick Henry’s break-tackle rating is extremely low in Madden NFL 22. When you think of broken tackles no running back pops into mind prior to Tennessee Titans star rusher, Derrick Henry — well at least for those that didn’t participate in the “Madden NFL 22” video game.

Henry frequently runs defenders over on the football field thanks to his size, and his under-appreciated speed. We’ve witnessed Henry stomp players into an entirely different dimension throughout the course of his career.

The Alabama product has earned more yards after contact since 2019 than any other player, excluding two whole teams, according to Pro Football Focus cheap Mut 22 coins. According to Pro Football Focus Henry has more yards after contact over the same period of time than any other running back (Dalvin Cook) and has the most total yards rushing.

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