Lost Ark Tortoyk fourth naruni hidden story location

Finally, head to The Forest of Giants. Starting from the Tortoyk’s Arm Triport, head west and down the lift. Staying to the west side of the map Lost Ark Gold. Go south along the entire region. There’s a small area right before a path that turns southwest. The final naruni is here, concluding this hidden story.

Shape Of Love – Three-Part Hidden Story Location

The story is three parts that gives you ten minutes to reach the next portion each time. If you don’t, you’ll have to start again. The two first parts are located situated in Sweetwater Forest and the third is located in Skyreach Steppe. The first one is located in Skyreach Steppe. go to the Sweetwater Farm Triport and follow the path west to the Skyreach Steppe portal. When you reach the Trampled Flower Field, look out for a broken boot along the north edge of the pathway. Find it and you will be able to discover the first chapter of the tale.

Lost Ark Tortoyk second shape love hidden story location

If you are staying in Sweetwater Forest, head back to the same way you came to Sweetwater Farm. From there, head south to Mokoko Farm and out by the east exit, towards Mokoko Village. Mokoko Village portal. If you continue to the east, you’ll come to a T-junction. When you exit the road that goes to the north, you’ll spot a pair of glasses. By them is the second part of Shape of Love.

Lost Ark Tortoyk third shape love hidden story story location

Then, immediately port onto the Thumb Shores triport immediately to the Thumb Shores Triport Skyreach Steppe. Begin by the path that runs to the northeast. At the top, climb the vines up to Rocky Forest Hill. At the top, head toward the northeast, until you get to the edge of this area. There are many waterfalls. One waterfall is a Mysterious Tree Monster (that is also required to have for the Adventurer’s Tome) standing just in front of it buy gold lost ark. The final Shape of Love hidden story location is located in the water by the rock directly to the left of the monster.

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