Lost Ark is offering various Drops in an application called Legends of Lost Ark

Be aware that players will only receive Coins of Courage from PvP matches if their item level is over 302. In other cases Lost Ark Gold, they will be awarded Tenacious Coins.

Like other currencies from Lost Ark, Coins of Courage offer their own vendors that are their own and Quartermasters who hang around PvP arenas. However, these NPCs aren’t currently offering any items for sale. Many players believe Quartermasters have ties to the PvP Season that’s coming and won’t sell anything until it starts later this month.

If this theory is true, the Quartermasters will likely give players a wide range of rewards, such as player titles, auras as well as mounts and upgrade materials. Additionally, if the items are actually linked to the PvP Season of Lost Ark 1 which is the case, players will have only limited time to buy this season’s PvP rewards until they are traded out to purchase Season 2 products.

Regardless of what the Quartermasters actually sell PvP players are encouraged to engage in as many fights as they can to secure those Coins of Courage. We do not know what prices will be like which is why it’s likely that players will need to save every PvP penny they can earn. However, players should sell Tenacious Coins to the first vendor they can find cheapest Lost Ark Gold. In the moment, that’s the only thing that these coins can be used for.

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