Lost Ark continues to be immensely successful

Lost Ark continues to be immensely successful following its launch in February. The no-cost MMO has been releasing new content that was previously made available for Lost Ark’s Korean servers at a rapid rate to keep its large player base at the time of its launch. In the latest update by the localization team at Lost Ark, the developers spoke about visiting South Korea and confirming the game’s plans for the next two months. Needless to say, Lost Ark players have a lot to look forward for in June and July.To begin you off, players are going to be happy to learn that for the rest of 2022 a brand new Lost Ark Advanced Class is scheduled to be launched in every couple of months. The first class is the Arcanist which is which is a Mage Advanced Class Lost Ark Gold built around throwing magic cards, and is set to launch in July. A specific schedule beyond the Arcanist hasn’t been determined, but it is in the process. All that can be said at present is the fact that there’s currently 21 Advanced Classes available on the market in South Korea that will be delivered over the next several years — and likely the addition of more classes in the near future.

Lost Ark roadmap and everything we know about the latest updates

The Lost Ark class release schedule has been extensively discussed online, but now we finally know what we can expect: the game will have a new Advanced Class every two months for the remainder of the year. Also, once the Arcanist is out it is possible to expect two classes to be added in 2022.

The team has announced that they will publish each Advanced Class before adding new general classes. According to the updated schedule it appears that the three remaining Advanced Classes will be released this year, and we might attend the next general classes in 2023.

Keep in mind that the release schedule has been increased because the developers are looking to catch up with other regions. The frequency of updates may be reduced in 2023.When the final mission in this quest chain, “Honorary Punikan” has been completed cheap Lost Ark Gold, you’ll be able to speak to Nia within Nia village to start “Berver’s Friendship.” If you’ve already completed the quest prior to updating, then you’ll be given the Powerpass when the event starts!

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