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Long pickaxe handle (1) allows you to mine just one

If you aren’t sure that you can kill a monster using 10,000 hitpoints, a slow 2-h weapon that could do 250-700 damage plus 50 damage guarantee, or RS gold another weapon with a 2-h that belongs to the gods, which can do 500+ damage and can do 1,000 damage, then you must not revisit.

The good thing is that the weapons you use can cause massive damage. A weapon is capable of dealing 50 poison damage no matter the weapon. However, it takes the power to accomplish this. Prayer can be utilized as well as potions. Negative Side: Your enemy could hit you 1 time; you cannot provide food or armor, he has ten thousands hp and your weapons are very slow. Five weapons are available.

This is a mini-quest and will not be listed in the journal of quests and it’s release shall remain secret. Skills a 99 in strength attack, defense, or hitpoints, 70+ hitpoints, and 60 endurance or strength [70 strength, 80 smithing and 55 mining would assist]. Items: mithril bars, saradomin brews, super stat restore or sanfew serum, prayer potions and items that kill: imp lesser demon, greater demon demon butler (no level) sergeant damien(no level), K’ril Tsutsaroth, and a level-less 10,000 HP Zamorak.

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How much do you know about Zaros’s detention? It’s not much, so why is that? I’d like to free him. Is that insane? You’d die! What do I do? You’d need to kill Zamorak. You’d have to kill Zamorak. Are you serious… Are you serious? No, I’m just kidding (end) Yup! Sure am. Wow! What a reaction from a mortal human being. What is wrong with being human? There is nothing that humans can’t do, but they are the most mortal of all races on earth.

Did you say anything? There was nothing. Yes, that’s right. Anyways, back on track You claimed you’d kill… Yes, yes. You should try this. *Azzanadra hands you a golden token. That is my seal, when you invoke it, you can speak to me. I am available to answer any questions you may have and teleport you to this location and inform you of the seals you possess. Gather? Are you aiming to take down the owner? Demonic seals can’t be handed over to a new person.

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If you don’t spare the life of the seal’s owner, you’ll be unable to obtain any seals. If you carry my seal on you, it’s power will prevent you from taking a devastating strike. Once you’ve received all the seals, report back to me. Do not forget my seal’s ability to communicate! What seals are there? The seals of|The OSRS buy gold seals of an imp, a lesser or greater demon, Ala, Althra, athla, sergeant Damien K’ril Tsutsaroth and sergeant Damien are required.}

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