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Kael’thas actually betrayed Illidan for WOW WOTLK Classic Gold

Kael’thas actually betrayed Illidan for WOW WOTLK Classic Gold his own reasons However, players nevertheless stopped his machinations within the magic-saturated territory of Netherstorm. Lady Vashj, on the other hand, remained loyal to Stormrage and planned to siphon all the water from Outland in order to control its denizens. Vashj was killed in a similar fashion to Kael’thas, but the head of the snake was left. The only reason for this was the help of Akama who was the left-over Draenei who had initially fought against Illidan to save its people of the Legion but had come to the realization that the demon hunter could not be a one to save the world.

Players swarmed Illidan’s base and swarmed into the Black Temple, a defiled fortress that once served as an esoteric temple for the Light. Many of the characters came together to fight Illidan Stormrage, including familiar faces like that of Maiev Shadowsong. Maiev was a night elf Warden who had chased Illidan across the universe and finally took him to court by striking the killing blow at the top of the Black Temple. Illidan Stormrage the beloved player-friendly antihero from Warcraft 3: The Frozen The Throne, had died but a short distance from achieving his ultimate goal of eliminating this Burning Legion.

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With Illidan Stormrage and many more bosses and bosses WoW: The Burning Crusade brought down, the people of the destroyed planet were finally free to be able to live their lives in peace. However, the Burning League’s real purpose was never Outland. Azeroth was the ultimate goal The players soon found themselves entrenched in yet another war to save their home from monsters’ curse. Kael’thas had somehow survived the defeat of Netherstorm and returned to his home in Quel’thalas for the Sunwell the blood elves sacred fountain of power that was damaged in the battle between Arthas Menethil and the Scourge in Warcraft 3.

The well of pure magic was closed, Kael’thas wanted to harness its remaining potential to summon most terrifying of the Burning Legion’s general Kil’jaeden, the Deceiver. Kael’thas’s mind and heart being twisted due to an obsession with power and power, orchestrated the Deceiver’s return which would be a disaster for Azeroth. Players fought the hordes of demons, until they were able to eliminate Kil’jaeden from the scene for good. As a result of this battle it was discovered that the Sunwell was then cleansed once more, and the blood elves who went through so much could have some hope for buy WOTLK Gold the future.

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