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Jagex announces that it will send OSRS

Jagex announces that it will send “messages to OSRS Gold players that we’ve identified who are involved on the RWT” within “the next few hours”. “For anyone involved, we want to emphasize that this is your sole und only caution,” the company added.

Other measures that the developer could think of as punishment for RWT activities are expected to include wealth removal – essentially getting rid of gains that are not legitimately earned from players’ accounts at the server level, as well as potential bans.

RuneScape’s PvP feature, known as”The Duel Arena, will also be subject to stricter rules. Jagex declares that the feature “has been a trigger for this kind of toxic behavior” and that 38 percent of all bans against RWT action up to this point come from that aspect that the player plays. It says that already amounts approximately “thousands of bans every month”.

In the end, the developer appears at taking the nucleus option, saying “we’re planning in the long run for phasing out in the Duel Arena out of RuneScape completely.” Until then the company will make “some temporary steps” to improve PvP “until our development teams can bring an overhaul that fully replaces the Duel Arena next year.”

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There will be a limit for the quantity of GP, or gold points, players can stake on an event at the Duel Arena. The players can bet “no higher than $50m GP per duel”. Additional measures aren’t defined yet.

Jagex says that “a new and exciting experience that’ll be part of the ongoing Elder God Wars storyline” will replace Duel Arena beginning in 2022 however, no specifics have been released yet.

While the effect of these changes is yet to be judged but they are some of the strongest that any studio has taken in order to protect against external misuse of its systems in pursuit of real-world money. If successful, similar actions are likely to be implemented across the rs07 gold area in the future.

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