NHL 22 gamers also get complimentary cosmetics this month, with the Chel Heritage Set, including skates, gloves, a brand new stick, and more Madden 22 coins. Tom Brady has officially announced his retirement following weeks of speculation and two decades of elevating the game of American football. Whether you loved him as an Patriot and grew to respect the player as an Buccaneer or fervently fought against him , as a fan of an ever-bumbling AFC East rival.

Brady’s accomplishments are unmatched in football , and may be some of the most impressive accomplishments in sports history. We’d like you to reflect on his career of 22 years by looking at each year’s overall (OVR) Madden ratings.

From no-name rookies to Brady’s GOAT, here’s the way Brady played in Madden every year from the moment when he first joined the league which he went on to reshape forever. If you’re not a fan of football history, you might also like the year-byyear image gallery of Brady’s player avatar in Madden beginning with his first official appearance in Madden 2003 right up to today.

In case you haven’t heard about it by now–as though you’d been stuck on Mars for the past 22 years–Brady got drafted with the number 6 in 199th overall buy madden coins, to the Patriots in the 2000 NFL Draft. He was an apparently unremarkable QB, and his debut Madden rating reflected that.

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