It is likely that his presence will be experience

The most recent Diablo 4 cinematic trailer from Diablo 4 Gold Blizzard showcases Inarius confronting Lilith with armies on both of their backs. While this sequence doesn’t have Tyrael’s direct involvement, his design of the Horadrim and influence with the Paladins from Sanctuary implies that he’s definitely involved. Dark and light battle in the battle, while the dead Tyrael is a middleman.

It is likely that his presence will be experienced through these intermediaries unless circumstances require his intervention. Tyrael has a hard time coping with the aftermath of destroying the Worldstone at the end of Diablo 2.

This mystical object protected Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell and he protects the land as its successor. Tyrael doesn’t appear to be leading any further charges into Hell or venture much further in the Pandemonium Fortress, where he could offer advice as Deckard Cain for those who choose to listen.

Five different Diablo classes that can be played have been revealed so far, and they all represent different versions of the previous games. Since each game has offered something new Perhaps Tyrael will be a player in the battle in the battle, helping to balance the sides by offering players the opportunity to take on angelic or demon powers in exchange for obligations to Sanctuary. This type of strategy could very easily build on the multi-tree progression that was revealed for the series.

It’s not likely that Blizzard plans to transform Angels or Demons into classes, given that the franchise centers those who are caught between the two. But as the mortal truly in the middle of Heaven and Hell Tyrael has a unique position ever seen in Diablo lore.

He’s more likely to play an equalizer in the story, maybe even a voice of reason rather than a partisan as his former self. Even when he is forced to take sides, Tyrael now understands what is important to mortals, and that is what he’ll be doing to cheap Diablo IV Gold take part in the events in Diablo 4.

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