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Is there a different element to Runescape

If I’m able to say “better” is just my personal opinion, but there’s still a very impactful game design element that OSRS gold employs that gives it important points.

As a gamer who prefers to play casually I’ve played numerous MMOs and have lost interest in them all after some time. But Runescape always has me coming back for more. Sure it has its pros like its skill, progression and economy. And it has its cons such as the grind bots, grinding, and controversial PvP. However, I believe that where Runescape is unique and what really ties the whole experience is that all items in the game are depicted as a physical object.

In a lot of other MMOs I’ve played, objects get sorted into your player’s inventory like an inventory, but then disappear or impossible to distinguish. Trading is just passing text and numbers between players. Loot drops are an interface for menus. The weight of the carry is an undetermined amount of items filled with stacks of 0.1s 0.5s 1.2s etc weighted objects.

Meanwhile, in Runescape that 28 slot inventory will be constantly staring you in the face. (Unless you can minimize it by using the customizable interface). The ever-present display of your possessions – or even your stack of gold – makes everything you have, everything you own and everything you strive for, that much more impactful and authentic. engaging.. whatever word makes sense.

When you’re getting a loot drop you’ll see it on the ground in front you and it’s exciting to grab. When you’re dressed you’ll be able to see the different objects you’re carrying. If you’re carrying around items or materials, each piece will take up space in your bag. If you’re making a purchase you’ll observe the gold being transferred to. If you visit your bank, the entire amount you’ve earned is spread out before your eyes. If you die or get fraudulently swindled, the loss leaves a space empty.

I think this has to be the main reason Runescape stands out amongst the other MMOs. Because everything is displayed visually as an object, the game is an environment that your character is interacting with instead of being lifeless.

Tell us what you think. Is there a different element to cheap RS gold that you think makes it stand out? Perhaps you don’t believe it’s distinctive at all?

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