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I’m likely the same type of player as you are

Even in PvP we’re just beginning the new season which means everyone is working toward obtaining the latest PVP rewards. It’s a bit of a stretch to say that’s only for hardcore PvPers however, we’ve also launched PvP Brawls WoTLK Gold. This is a Brawl system similar to what we use in World of Warcraft or World of Warcraft where we’ve got bizarre rules, these unique spins of classic battlegrounds or even old holiday battlegrounds. Fun ways to interact with the game. Also, interesting ways to interact with PvP systems. If, for instance, you’re not a PvP player but this Brawl could be a good fit for you. So, I feel like we’re trying to expand the scope of what could be of interest to you in support of all the content that we put out in Legion and much more.

RD: I’m likely the same type of player as you are. You know I work at Blizzard and that occupies a significant portion of my time. But I have also got a wife and children and I’m always a priority for my family which means I don’t play in the same way as I did when I was in high school, when I’d skip going to classes and play games instead [laughsI’m laughing. It was an important reason behind the design of many of the features featured in this patch.

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You can accomplish almost anything you want on Broken Shore either alone or with a few people to whom you’ll be going. There’s places like the Sentinax feature which is a type of a cool escalating attack by a command vessel on a particular POI buy WoTLK Classic Gold that changes locations. You can go in there and not even form a group if would like and simply participate in it with the other players.

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