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I’d really like to think that I can post this suggestion to Runescape directly

Here are the Battlefields: find your opponent in the maze, and kill him/her nothing of note. Orbs: instead of killing your opponent, the objective is to see who kills most NPCs. They are orbs RS 2007 Fire Cape. Infinite Life: Your HP is infinite and the winner will be the player who does the most damage in the two minutes. Your opponent will lose certain points when you heal using Blood magic.

Fort: This is where all the preparation takes place. If the revs destroy this GAME OPEN EPIC FAIL, everyone is allowed to go in. The engine is 500hp. Tower: This is where you can get into the tower and shoot at any speed you want. It is equipped with 100 HP. Be aware of A weaker version of the tower 3 people can be into the tower and it’s got 50hp. Make sure you have a strong tower that has higher HP, and with 10 people able to go in. It has 200hp.

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Garrison is the place you go in to rest and get ready. The revs can attack or take it down. 2 persons can enter. It is equipped with 25HP. One person is able to enter and blocks any attacks except those from the ork. It only has 10hp. Ork is able to attack anyone inside structures. Builders can construct buildings anyplace on the map with the exception for the fort.

After 2 minutes, you’re ejected from a fort or tower. Builders are only allowed to construct one tower per. Additionally, all structures are able to be rebuilt by builders. Important information. There are four crators. Three are f2p, and one is p2p Buy RS3 Gold. 1st crator: Safe for levels 3-60. 2nd crator: secure members, 50-80 levels. Third crator: Safe levels 70+. Fourth crator: Safe levels 70+.

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  I'd truly prefer to believe that I can present this idea on Runescape straightforwardly
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