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I was thinking that Runescape should be able to have a pet ability

The ancient warriors- It works for one hour before stopping working. What is the best way to waste 10,000,000. The stats aren’t amazing and they aren’t very common drops OSRS Accounts. I believe that’s all there is to it about the Runescape armors.

Rant Big about Gravestones. Okay, here’s the story of what happened 15 minutes ago. I was woodcutting at Lletya, or whatever you like to call it. I was wearing this: Silly Jester outfit, Fremmenik Isles Firemaking cape and flame gloves, ring of fire, Inferno Adze, Damaged Zamorak Book and Lucky Rabbi’s feet.

My inventory was full of logs, money, 300gp and an elf crystal which could be used to teleport to Lleyta. When I felt lag and was moving towards llyeta. However, I was right in front of the lvl 88 wanderers. I lost my connection, and then thought “Oh I suppose I’m safe from these wolves since I already clicked a safe place.” However, when I tried to log back in, I was dead!

Then I panicked! The only items I had in my possession included my fire-making cape as well as 2 magic logs! I asked my friend to visit my world and repair my grave. In less than a minute, he fixed my gravestone! I was content Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. As I was collecting all my supplies… While I was putting together my supplies… I began to panic and thought “Where are my Inferno Adze?” I panicked yet again.

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