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I played the game a lot and while I love the potential

Prometheus is another personal favourite, however I feel as though he’d be about Zag’s side, he sided against the gods over the titans, backing the winning team, and again with people across the gods, once again the winning team, seeing as Zag is destined to Animal Crossing Items triumph, I think he had back us, plus he is not the biggest fan of those gods as they punished him for gifting flame to guy.

Gaia is an obvious one, seeing as we’re desperately trying to escape the underworld and hit ground, Gaia. PLUS, the first ever recorded mention of Zagreus is”Mistress Earth [Gaia], and Zagreus greatest of all of the gods.” .

I did the same as you, bought it a few months ago on sale too lol because I just kept seeing these positive things about it. Definitely worth every single penny and I’m even contemplating purchasing the physical release just to have.

It came out the very night I dropped my job into Covid. I spent a good month placing almost 100 hours into Animal Crossing while I was jobless, then just stopped completely and haven’t had any desire to return to it almost a year afterwards.

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I mean, the true issue is that the game does not have much to offer.

I’m on the ship that believes that this team truly upgrades the sport for free because they couldn’t get everything they wanted done by launch date. I think other games/publishers may be predatory, for example EA, when they offer dlc prior to the matches are launched, in addition to opportunities to microtransactions.

I played the game a lot and while I love the potential of it but I believe the sport is sloppily made and predatory because they pushed heavily for people to get online subscriptions (such as your island is locked on certain colors, if I want something pink I gotta trade) and locked items and recently villagers behind a paywall (you gotta purchase amiboos to get Sanrio villagers and items).

The main disappointment is villager dialogue and personality, they are essentially identical to each other based on personality type and hobby and although some increase on you it’s still quite underwhelming. I also believe”Free updates” is a weird flex because it implies that we’re lucky we don’t have to cover things that really must have been there from the start (like more design slots and storage expansions).

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I agree wholeheartedly on the dearth of conversation out of villagers. To get a game in which the main”material” revolves around building a little town on your own island, the residents need more love. It is a massive letdown for every villager of the same personality type to Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket essentially say the exact same number of lines to you.

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