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How to complete the Secret from the Spring riddle in Diablo 4

There is a multitude of random side quests found throughout Sanctuary in Diablo 4. From the ones inside major cities and settlements in the game to the ones that are spread along the surrounding areas, players will have a quest looking forward to them. However, not all of the quests are quite obvious fetch missions that take no mental ability on the part of the player. A case and point would be the Secret on the Spring quest, which requires a riddle that players have to solve in d4 gold.

Diablo 4

Players can discover the Secret in the Spring quest just north with the Cathedral’s location in Kyovashad. Once players make their solution of Kyovashad, they can discover the quest just south with the Forsaken Quarry dungeon and right near a climbable ladder. The quest will come in the form of an email lying in the snow in the grass. Once players acquire and read the note, a quest marker will show up on the map.

However, it’s unclear whatsoever what players must do whenever they reach the quest marker.

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Completing the Secret from the Spring riddle in d4 gold

The quest marker in Secret with the Spring will take you to a small pool in the middle of the snow. There will likely be some Ice Marauders you must kill, but really the area doesn’t have everything else around it.

What you must do is stand right next to the pool and after that bring out your action wheel. On the action wheel screen, press Customize, and after that choose the “Wait” emote. Assign it to your slot about the wheel, after which save your changes. Bring the action wheel copy, press the Wait to emote, and after that, a chest looks directly beside you.

As the note you read said, you ought to be patient to create the reward. You can’t get any more patient than waiting using a pool in the middle of a blizzard. Loot your chest, then the Secret with the Spring quest will probably be complete.

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