Here’s a table detailing which Berserker skills

In the second zone, gather the Named enemies and use Sword Strom to kill 2 or 3 of them. This should nearly reset all your cooldowns to use again for the next wave of Lost Ark Gold Named enemies. Clean up the Normal monsters with Strike Wave or any other skills. Using Whirlwind with the Bleed Rune is highly effective to damage normal enemies along the way to the next Named enemies. Then, when the Named enemies appear again, do it all again.

Finally, use either of the Awakening Skills that you have available to kill the Challenge-type enemy at the end of this zone.

Here’s a table detailing which Berserker skills to choose as well as a brief description of the purpose of that skill. The skills below are sorted by which target they perform well against. (in order of lowest to highest HP: Normal, Named, Challenge, Boss).

Preemptive Strike Guaranteed Crit on challenge type or lower monsters with full HP. #2: Mayhem Identity Skill improves attack speed and movement speed. Some skills benefit from the lower HP and this engraving has good synergy with the Master’s Tenacity engraving. #3: Keen Blunt Weapon Increase Crit Damage; a chance for reduced damage.

Most skills can eliminate all the normal monsters in one hit so damage is not much of a concern. As most of the skills in this build have long cooldowns, utilizing cooldown gems can be very advantageous. Be sure to equip these gems for the fastest Chaos Dungeon:

Stat allocation comes from the Accessories cheap Lost Ark Gold (Necklace, Earring, and Rings). It can be very expensive to have a different set of Accessories for Chaos Dungeons so you should choose those stats based on the class engraving you’ve chosen to play.

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