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He has an exceptionally low portability and his ability to move is, seldom in Lost Ark

A prime items Lost Ark players will encounter is the 500-year-old Mera Wine, a delicacy which is part of the Cooking section on your adventurer’s Tome found in Rethramis Lost Ark Gold. This elusive item can slip in the absence of checking it out since it’s in a somewhat obscure area in the Aquilok’s Head dungeon. Find it here.

Where can you locate 500-year-old Mera Wine in Lost Ark. Backtrack through Border Watch in Rethramis and journey to the Aquilok’s Head dungeon. This collectible is in an area that is somewhat isolated and requires interaction using an lever.

After speaking to an officer and looking inside this cave need to take down a cart that’s in your way to progress. By doing this, you’ll summon an army of foes, therefore, you must eliminate them. After that, look in the alcove to your left and you’ll discover an lever. If you touch it, it will drop down a nearby boulder and open up a new area on the map for players to investigate.

Then jump down and move to the left side to see a few Thornwalkers. Get them out and look for an interactive object on the floor located to the left of a nearby torch. Make contact with it one time to gain a 499-year-old Mera Wine. It is also possible to look around the secret area for two Mokoko Seeds.

Should you dismantle your old equipment or sell it to Lost Ark Power leveling? Getting attached to your gear In Lost Ark isn’t usually recommended because you’ll be replacing items with more powerful ones as you progress in the course of the.

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