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Diablo on consoles controls very differently from its PC-based counterpart

One way D2R Items: Resurrected on consoles accomplishes this is by taking the lead from Diablo’s playing book regarding how it handles mapping and displaying abilities.

“In the initial Diablo game, players had two buttons: right and left mouse clicks,” Gallerini writes. “To get access to several various abilities, players utilize hotkeys to quickly remap to these two button. With the use of a controller this was altered to not change the map, but to have buttons straightforwardly initiate the abilities. Then, you can see these abilities in a similar way to Diablo, in a tray on the lower section in the HUD.”

When it comes to movement, Diablo on consoles controls very differently from its PC-based counterpart. On PC players simply click a destination and the game will direct the character’s movement to the spot. On consoles however, Blizzard would like players to control their character’s actions using the thumbstick.

Blizzard made this happen by disabling the game’s pathfinding for consoles, which permits players to move in ways “the game could not have had you follow it prior to.” This means that it is it far easier to avoid enemy attacks.

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Looting has also seen some major adjustments compared to PC version. Instead of holding down the button to view loot on the ground and then pressing it to take it home the console version shows the items lying on the ground for players nearby. Instead of clicking, users can simply walk over items carefully to pick them up, “making the looting experience undeniably more open and less constrained,” says Gallerani.

Diablo 2: Resurrected releases September d2r items for sale on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The release comes at a point in time where Blizzard continues to deal with the allegations in an unnamed state of California lawsuit accusing Activision Blizzard of fostering a “frat boy culture” of harassment and discrimination against women.

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