The Boss spins its Trident directly in front of it before Lost Ark Gold shooting multiple bolts of lightning out from the spinning Trident that deal moderate damage per hit. Thankfully, this attack is easy to avoid and has a long animation, so players can wail on the Boss while it’s using this attack.

Alaric does a jumping stab attack with its Trident three times, each time targeting a different player. This attack is fast, deals high damage, and is hard to read, so be ready to dodge away at any moment.

Like Alaric’s Wrath, Alaric has a whole host of different attacks that all boil down to basic swipes with its Trident, stabs, or slashing attacks. All of these deal low damage and usually only stagger on-hit.

While this isn’t all of Alaric’s kit (as it’s hard to see and even understand a lot of its basic attacks), these are the most commonly used attacks it tends to unleash.

As this is the final Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon, it only makes sense that it’s also one of the ones that has a lot of viable Consumables to use as well, right? Good thing too, as Smilegate has finally incentivized Battle Item usage with their Battle Pass missions. In any case, here are the recommended choices:

HP Potions are (hopefully) an obvious choice. This is also another one we’d recommend using Elemental HP Potions on, as they heal more and can be used seven times instead of the usual five. Whirlwind Grenades for Alaric’s Stagger Check. Panacea or Sacred Charms for the Freeze Debuffs Alaric and Alaric’s Wrath both use. Time Stop Potions to tank the attack Alaric’s Wrath does to break the pillar without worry. Dark Grenades are sort of always a “helpful to bring” Consumable past this point of Lost Ark’s endgame content. And of course, as always, players should have many of the Skill Point Potions already collected buy Lost Ark Gold and their Raid Class Setup equipped with regard to their Gear, Faceted Ability Stone, Engravings, and Accessories.

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