Dark Descent sees gamers taking manage

Aliens: Dark Descent, which I sense responsibility sure to note is genuinely no relation of Amnesia Dark And Darker Gold: The Dark Descent, is billed as a real-time squad-primarily based tactical action game. It’s being advanced by means of Paris-primarily based Tindalos Interactive which formerly labored on more than one Battlefleet Gothic: Armada video games.

Dark Descent sees gamers taking manage of and levelling up a squad of Colonial Marines as they’re… Well, you have seen the films. It’s no longer going to move well! The game takes area on a moon known as Lethe, which the Steam list sincerely calls a planet, but hiya I’m now not the lore man. In both case, the marines have crash landed from the united statesOtago and in a terrible but also frankly inevitable twist of destiny the joint is in the midst of being overrun by way of the long-lasting/phallic xenos.

Visually it seems smooth and crispy—frosty, even—with the environments being a combination of the anticipated Weyland-Yutani corpo architecture and Giger’s creeping biomechanical gloop. There’s a few neon signage splashed round, together with a karaoke bar, suggesting Lethe became a relatively inhabited locale in preference to a totally forgotten outpost.

I was intrigued to listen the narrator propose that which marine takes on an issued assignment may be decided primarily based on first-rate contextual in shape. Perhaps that points to a greater streamlined (simplified?) take on the RTS, which could make feel given Dark Descent is likewise coming to consoles. The AI making the undertaking calls goes to need to be wonderful dependable even though, or run the hazard of taking the blame for all tactical calamities.

Speaking of which, the trailer additionally notes that demise is permanent, and dropping a marine in fight is irreversible. I anticipate you may be able to call on extra squaddies to fill the boots of the fallen, X-Com-style, instead of trying to finish the marketing campaign with an ever dwindling 4-ball of increasingly depressed marines. The maximum wonderful element, though, is that we have got all this manner via a story about buy Dark And Darker Gold an Aliens RTS without me doing an “I’ll do the fingering” APM comic story. And there we are.

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