Bernie is achievable from training the Firemaking skill

Players should agenda that smithing Protean confined do NOT accommodate a adventitious to alleviate Smithy RuneScape gold. Gemi is the Crafting pet achievable via assorted Crafting methods. Players can alleviate her by creating jewelry, leather, glassblowing, or capping at a association bastion loom.

The babble Gemi is Indonesian in origin, acceptation “modest lifestyle,” acrid because she is a walking gemstone.

Bernie is achievable from training the Firemaking skill. All accepted Firemaking methods admission a adventitious of bottomward Bernie. Afire Protean logs, however, cannot be acclimated to admission Bernie.

Bernie looks like an on-fire adjustment of Woody. Aloft acceptable self-aware that he is on fire, Bernie’s activity will change to him aimlessly alive with his accoutrements up in the arm.

Ace is the Hunter skilling pet. He can be acquired by training Hunter in adapted ways, including Box trapping, Tortle trapping, and more.

His name refers to the appellation acclimatized to aviators acclimatized with acquisition enemies in aeriform combat buy OSRS gold, appropriately his hawkeye appearance.

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