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Before RuneScape play out that he gives you goliath tree seed to develop a beast tree

Also, jagex used randoms to atk macroers and help relieve players from boredom and fatigue OSRS Gold. It doesn’t matter if you are pking or not I doubt you will meet many macroers as well… tedious repetitive it was built to accomplish, Support?

I was looking at how to build 99 structures one day and i thought to myself ‘hey why isn’t there a thearte room?’ so icame up with this idea:the room would probaly consume a lot of space so why not have it divided up into separate rooms! E.g. theater room, auditorium, back stage room (for purchasing your ticket and food items).

However , there is the limitation of four theatre rooms (all within the house) to stop taking up too much space. The food and snacks will be whatever the cook serves and you can hire actors as you would staff members at the drama guild in camalot (any other ideas are appreciated).

You could also take to the stage and act! But it won’t be set up in a conventional room as each room is joint together and there would only be two exits from the whole theater (after all, they are all around the house but would be best joined).

I believe there should be a woodcutting mini game because there are a lot of Wcers and they’d like to play a WC mini-game Buy RS3 Gold. It could be like there will be two teams one is zammy the other is sara and every1 will run out and woodcut as many logs they can and run them back and then do the same thing over and over.

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