An often overlooked part of making a powerful character in Diablo 4 is deciding on your defensive skills. Staying alive is the most important part of gameplay and newer players might focus more on building up their damage rather than shoring up their defense D2R ladder items. Barrier is a powerful mechanic that provides temporary maximum health, keeping you alive against powerful hits.

Scosglen is the northmost region of Sanctuary in Diablo 4, home to gloomy forests and unceasing rains. Throughout Scosglen, there are 25 different dungeons to delve into, each rewarding a Legendary Aspect upon completion.

Before I gave up on Diablo 3 for good some years ago, I tried playing a hardcore character to see if it would reinvigorating my love for the game – and it totally worked. Playing a hardcore character practically turns Diablo into a different game. The world is so much more dangerous when you only have one life to live, so the way you approach it changes a lot.

Defensive stats and abilities become a lot more important than offensive ones, you have to slow down and find safer routes through areas that you would have sprinted through before, and eventually you form a real bond with your character. I don’t remember the names of any of the dozens of Diablo toons I’ve made over the years buy d2r items, but I’ll never forget my level 56 Wizard Teegan, who died doing what she loved: blasting Zoltun Kulle with lightning from her fingertips. RIP Teegan, I miss you.

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