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As the Evolution of Combat update burns down on players of Runescape

I tried Monkey Madness sometime last year and I must say, it does indeed meet its supposed anxiety-inducing properties OSRS Accounts. I wasn’t ready, and didn’t turn my Prayer on quickly enough prior to the demon at me, and I didn’t even know it, my connection froze for about a millionth of seconds. Then, boom! And BOOM!

All of this combined made me “YEARGH!” It was at 3am. It is understandable considering the circumstances. The Monkey Madness guide stated that I needed to be carrying the Monkey GreeGree as well as the M’Speak Amulet in my inventory in order to defeat the demon at the end. It’s a problem that I did this but when I passed away I kept the M’Speak Amulet however the GreeGree was lost.

It’s not clear how to return it. I returned to Ape Atoll and talked to the monkey’s baby and told him that I had lost the book, however he started crying. I grabbed a banana and tried to use it on him. He told me that he didn’t really need it. Another attempt to communicate with him resulted in me saying that “The Monkey Child” was not crying …” in the chat box. Any advice? I don’t know where I can purchase a new Talisman. I have monkey bodies at my bank however the Talisman eludes me.

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What is the best place to cut willows? Which is easier to cut, yews, or willows? Willows are best for those who want to experience the forest. If you prefer money, you can cut yews. The ideal location to cut willows is dependent on whether you plan to throw them away or keep them. Draynor is a great location to deposit your money Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. It’s near a bank and has very few trees.

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