The ninth anniversary of OSRS set for February 22nd, the RS Gold developer Jagex has planned an event in celebration of the version’s longevity. Most notably, however, the company has set the celebration within the desert city of Al-Kharid as the gateway to the more extensive Kharidian desert.

Since a major desert expansion is due at the beginning of 2022, with the most fabled Raids 3 — Tombs of Amascut -the Tombs of Amascut Jagex appears to be using this as a tiniest teaser for what’s to come for the current MMO.

For now, players can enjoy a day that includes cooking, fishing and good old-fashioned treasure-hunting. Arnav was at the gate of the bank that lies west of the Al-Kharid palace hid in a treasure chest in the city.

In a series of hints which are similar to the clue-scroll system, he challenges the player to solve a series of three riddles to determine where this chest is. Enter the four statues which guard the central fountain in the courtyard of Al-Kharid palace. Then, dance the emote and the second clue will become apparent.

This is anagram referring to Ranael who is the proprietor of the plateskirt shop southeast of the palace. She will provide the player the third and final clue when they speak to. Zeke, the scimitar salesman located north of the palace. He sells bronze, iron, steel and mithril models of the sword. When approached, he presents the player with a further challenge and asks them to count every balloon inside and around his house.

Larry is located near the oasis located to the north of the palace, close to the gate leading to Al-Kharid. He supervises the fishing competition and will supply the participant with the fishing gear necessary to participate, but Larry does not tell players that there is no way to catch in the oasis. Big Dave, a fellow fisherman who is competing would recommend purchasing specialized fishing gear for the competition from Ali Morrisane, a merchant located just east of the oasis.

When you ask regarding the lure, Morrisane would be willing to barter in exchange for Osman, the spymaster Osman. Take note, however, of Morrisane’s three crates surrounding his stand. Osman could use this info as a security concern.

My Arm the Troll is organising cooking contests and judges to which he wants an item that is “exciting,” “exotic,” and, in a way, “not boring.”

Where the Cook asserts that his pizza was interesting but not quite exotic enough to My Arm’s tastes while the Wise Old Man’s fruit was intriguing, but was too basic to be interesting, the only correct course of action to cook something new and exciting is to combine the two ingredients into a banana-based pizza.

Studio Jagex, a game maker Jagex is known for its massive Runescape series, but a lot of people may not know that the studio is expanding its services to include publishing and even tabletop gaming.

Jagex recently announced that it has signed a deal with indie developer Outlier Games to publish the debut game by the studio, the spaceship management roguelike This Means Warp. The game is set to release on PC via Steam Early Access on RS 2007 Gold.

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