Furthermore in addition, the Tides of Vengeance update

A message on the game’s forums from Blizzard game’s WOTLK Gold community manager Zarhym explained that the game is part of an test that will give players in specific, unspecified regions the opportunity to purchase digital items from the game world.”We are currently investigating the possibility of making it possible players in specific regions to make purchases directly from within the game. In this regard these elements will be appearing on the PTR. We’ll keep you informed of the progress of development.”

The company previously offered a selection of products through its Blizzard Store, which includes pets, mounts and an on-game Cinder Kitten, with all profits donated to Hurricane Sandy victims.

The first major update of content of World of Warcraft ‘s Battle for Azeroth expansion is now available. Tides of Vengeance is now online in the Americas, bringing a new Warfront with quests, classic armor, island explorations and more to the long-running MMO.

The main focus of the update are Battle for Darkshore, a brand-new Warfront where players are able to obtain “powerful hero transformations” according to their combat role, Blizzard explained on the official WoW website. The developer also added new quests as well as World Quests to the game in addition to another chapter within the War Campaign; you can gain access to your ship from Boralus as well as Zuldazar.

World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Cinematic

To top it all off Two new island adventures are available now: Jorundall and Havenswood. Blizzard has also added two brand new events that players may encounter when exploring the diverse islands in the Great Sea. The two islands, Jorundall and Havenswood as well as the entire previous island expeditions, feature new enemies as well as achievements, items and vendors too.

Furthermore in addition, the Tides of Vengeance update brings the game’s first pet battle dungeon into the game called Gnomeregan. To be able to use it you must first have achieved the All Growns Up achievement, that can be accomplished by raising a pet up to level 25. Blizzard has also introduced two brand new heritage armor sets for blood elves and dwarves. To unlock them, you’ll have to be at level 120 and complete either the Keep Yer Feet on the Ground or the Pride of the Sin’cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold dorei quests . Ironforge and Silvermoon as well as Silvermoon.

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