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From the entrance to Bleak Edge in LOST Ark

Mokoko Seeds One And Two – Hell Road

From the entrance to Bleak Edge, follow the direction north Lost Ark Gold, and then west over the corpse soldier guards. Go northwest to the next area of large size, where you’ll be ambushed by massed geunyo and more corpse soldiers. Once you’ve been defeated your enemies, the quest’s text changes to ‘Eliminate the group of the corpse troops’. You can leave the area to the west, towards the next quest line that is marked on the map. But remain on the northern side of the path. Prior to reaching the next fight, there’s a hidden cave entrance located to the north. Go inside to discover the first two mokokos you’ve encountered, each at the rear of the cave in clear view.

Mokoko Seed Three – The Worm’s Cave

Keep heading to the west, keep following the main quest, as the route continues north on Hell Road and through the gate into Spiral Hell. Utilize the first jump point and proceed clockwise until you reach the northern portion of the map. Just before you reach the second jumppoint after the glowing barrier falls it will reveal one of those worms on your left side that could come through the wall and injure you. Watch for it to disappear before you run into the hole it came out of. This leads into another secret cavern and also a seed.

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Mokoko Seeds Four and Five Mokoko Seeds Four And Five Before The Rock

You can now take the leap down and follow the path east to the right of the map, then south. Near the end of the road, you’ll come to a large boulder. Nearly to the north, on the east of the path you’ll find your third secret passageway cheap Lost Ark Gold. And at the end of the passageway is your fourth and fifth and final – mokoko seeds of in the Bleak Edge dungeon.

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