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First Noblegarden Holiday Event Of WOW Classic

Noblegarden is a holiday event that takes place in World of Warcraft, allowing players to search for colored eggs hidden around the various starting areas and get rewards. Traditionally, the event starts on Western Easter Sunday and lasts for several days.

On April 12, Noblegarden in 2020 was held as scheduled, it was worth mentioning that it is the first Noblegarden holiday event after Blizzard released Classic edition last August, so the content is much, much more stripped back.

The players in World of Warcraft Classic are required to hunt for Brightly Colored Eggs, with candies inside them to increase stamina and spirit by 2 for 10 minutes, as well as a few cosmetic items like pets, toys and mounts.

In some areas, the players can find hidden colored eggs with an uncertain drop rate for inner items, they are not all useful, or something that does not have any practical purpose. It’s better to send some to the Auction House or trade with others before the end of the season, otherwise it will decrease its value, because no one will be interested in the out-of-season garments.

  LEVEL 80. Mounted Coins

The event is short-lived and only available during Easter, from 12 AM to 11:59 PM sever time, have you found enough Colored Eggs to celebrate the festival?

Since this is the first year the holiday will be running, Blizzard provided the zone maps for the spawns of the Brightly Colored Eggs to show the breadth of the egg spawns and where some of the known spawn points occur among these six areas of Azeroth.

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