EA FC 24s Evolutions system

Belgium started their ban on loot boxes in Fut 24 Coins  2019 and won’t feature them in FUT 23. Well… don’t get me wrong, EA, but we don’t love the concept of gambling or having to pay for the best players in the game. Shocking statement, but still. FC 24 Ultimate Team: EA Announces Massive FUT Changes

So, FC players in Belgium have to grind the transfer market and get the players with coins – and only with coins. Very bad for the pro scene, as Gilles ‘Gilles_1996’ Bernard (FC World Cup participant) described in an interview with the German sports-website kicker: “FC is a pay-to-win game on a competitive level.”

Now, the UK government decided not to legislate loot boxes. So we will see this pay-to-win or as EA likes to call it “surprise mechanics” again in FC 24.In a statement given to Eurogamer, EA said: “giving players the choice to spend if they want to is fair.” And that packs in FUT are “a part of FC that players love”.

Listen to our One More Life podcast, subscribe to our free newsletter and follow us on Twitter for all the latest gaming intel. If youre playing EA FC 24s Ultimate Team mode, youll have no doubt come across the new Evolutions system that lets you upgrade certain players through some pretty easy objectives.

Check out our TV Guide or Streaming Guide. While many FIFA staples continue in FC 24s Ultimate Team, like FUT Champs and Division Rivals, there are a few new features, including Evolutions. Heres a look at the requirements, and our pick of the best Evolutions players to upgrade.

EA FC 24s Evolutions system lets you upgrade Ultimate Team players by carrying out unique objectives and challenges. Its a new feature for  Buy FC 24 Coins FC 24, so dont worry if you find it confusing. Check out the video from YouTuber ELYYT below if youre more of a visual learner:

There are multiple Evolution trees with different levels (it all feels very much like an RPG) that you can assign players with the required stats to, in order to upgrade them. We think the feature is great, because it gives players the chance to develop their favourite players beyond the base card.

Unlike in previous FIFA releases, you wont have to rely on EAs decisions on who to give special cards to via the likes of TOTW and RTTK. Unfortunately, not every player will be eligible, because each Evolution has specific requirements. Well take a closer look at each available Evolution tree below.

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