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DeMar DeRozan is ranked 89 overall in NBA 2K23 in contrast

And they’re back for 2K23! In this article you’ll find the complete MT 2K23 Contact Dunk specifications for Pro, Small Elite, Small, and Bigman types of dunks, including all the Height and Attribute numbers.

Dunking is always one of the most entertaining things you can do as a player during NBA 2K games. And with each new iteration of the game, this renowned aspect of basketball is getting harder to achieve. And, things are no more difficult in NBA 2K23. Understanding how to the dunk is harder than ever, and you’ll need to practice lots. This is especially true for those who want to constantly make use of your Dunk Meter.

In this regard, let’s check out the dunk requirements. To successfully execute various types of dunks, it is necessary to meet the following Height and Attribute requirements. be able to see if you’ve been following the requirements of the previous year, they aren’t modified within NBA 2K23. They are exactly the same as NBA 2K22. Therefore, prior to creating your player, make sure you take into consideration these criteria, and also what kind of dunks you like to perform with your player. Create them in accordance with these requirements.

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And that’s all you need to know.DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine’s NBA 2K23 Performances Revealed

DeMar DeRozan is ranked 89 overall in NBA 2K23 in contrast, Zach LaVine is ranked as an 88 overall. Each of the Chicago Bulls players made the All-Star Game last season.

DeMar deRozan and Zach LaVine were teammates for the first time during the season (on the Chicago Bulls), and we can safely say that they had very good chemistry.DeRozan had a career-high 27.9 points per game, and both players played in the team for the All-Star Game.The Bulls were one of the top teams in NBA when they started the regular season. However, following the season-ending injury of player Lonzo Ball, the team began to lose their edge.

That being said, DeRozan and LaVine nonetheless had fantastic individual seasons.LaVine had a lower average of points in a game (24.4 PPG) but he’s the younger, more athletic player. Thus, in an online game it’s a bit surprising that the player with the highest percentage of three-point shooting and better dunker wouldn’t be placed higher.

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DeRozan is an excellent mid-range shooter. But he scored 35.2% from the three-point range in the last season, while LaVine scored nearly 39%.In truth, 35.2% is impressive for DeRozan who has a record of 28.8% 3-point shooter.In the year 2021. DeRozan scored just 25.7%.It’s unlikely that fans will be upset by their position, especially considering this is the same team that lost in the Bulls also dropped in the initial round of the 2K MT Playoffs.They will still be two of the most highly-ranked players in the game.

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