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Bloodshed is being added as a new feat

Beast Mastery

Bloodshed is being added as a new feat that allows beasts to rip into enemies and creating blood-sucking damage with WoTLK Classic Gold.The Scent of Blood talent will be reimagined with the passive activating when Bestial Wrath is used.Spitting Cobra has been changed to Venomous Bite that will allow a cobra combat alongside the Hunter following the Bestial Wrath ability ending.


Dead Eye will be added as a brand new ability, that will allow Hunters to store two variations for Kill Shot, along with replenishing Aimed Shot faster whenever Kill Shot is used.Binding Shackles will be added as a new passive talent, causing enemies who are rooted to take less damage for an indefinite time.Volley will include a new ability that allows the Hunter to shoot the arrows over a narrow region for a short amount of time. Rapid Fire and Aimed Shot abilities bounce off of and strike up to five targets to deal half the damage during Volley.


Hydra’s Bite Bitchery, Steel Trap, Tip of the Spear along with Flanking Strike will all have an increase in damage.The Focus cost of Chakrams will be reduced.Mage Arcane Explosion, Fireblast, Frostbolt, along with Mirror Image will be available to all specializations of mage. Fire Ward and Frost Ward are now available to provide Mage defences. Alter Time has also been brought back, with Mages being able to return to their first location with the same health and mana, after using it for two times.

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A new skill called Focus Magic will grant an all-around player a boost to their spell critical hit chance with WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. If the ally scores an attack that is crit, Arcane Mages will receive the same bonus for a brief period of time.

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