Onmyoji Arena is still limited only to the 5v5 battle format for now

Onmyoji Arena is not really different. You could even say it is still limited in terms of features. This game is still limited only to the 5v5 battle format for now. There is no feature fighting Brawl (one lane) or 3v3 like Vainglory and Arena of Valor. The rumor is, NetEase will add the battle royale3v3v3 battle feature. However, this mode is only available in Training mode. Until now it is not certain when NetEase will add this feature to competitive mode.


This weakness in terms of the battle mode is quite helpful with a large number of Shikigami. There are about 43 Shikigami you can choose. Even though it is less than other MOBA games, don’t expect you to get it easily. The problem is, you have to fight hard to get a Shikigami because the growth system is quite difficult.


In the midst of the golden age of the MOBA game, Onmyoji Arena came to offer game innovations even though they remained on the MOBA track. Game modes may be limited. However, NetEase redeemed it with innovation in terms of gameplay. Especially from the number of skills or more battle spells, and a varied jungling system.


Of all that, it must be admitted that the main advantage of the Onmyoji Arena is its Jejepangan theme which is supported by beautiful graphic quality. Not just a matter of graphics. The overall design of this game is also very nice. You can prove yourself through Japanese sound effects or the voices of the excited Seiyuu and sound like the characters or roles they play.

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Onmyoji Arena is guaranteed to hypnotize MOBA game fans who are also fans of Japanese culture. When you are tired of playing MOBA games that are just like that, this game can be a good escape. If you are you looking for more about Cheap Onmyoji Arena Jade check out our website rvgm.com.


Maybe for those of you who want to seriously jump into the competitive world, the Onmyoji Arena hasn’t been able to fulfill your desires. However, who knows if you are serious about playing, other players will play seriously. NetEase as a big game developer will definitely pay attention to the competition in the game. So, just be patient, who knows your patience can bear sweet fruit later on.


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