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Today using Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress there’s you should not:

בניית אתרים לעסקיםBecome a website designer

Purchase expensive software

Become an HTML or PHP guru

You can cause בניית אתרים לעסקים and setup your personal website quickly and easily just utilizing a web browser.

Why Learn to Build Your Own Website?

Building your personal site has several advantages:

You may make changes to your site whenever you want.

You’ve בניית אתרים לעסקים complete control over the site.

It’s a useful skill to learn

About This Site

The objective of this web site is to offer an action be step guide for complete beginners wanting learn how to setup and build their very own business ,hobby or personal website בניית אתרים לעסקים or blog using WordPress.

What Website building Options are available

What website hosting and Domain names options are available

Just how to Install and Setup a WordPress Website

How to Administer, Maintain and update your WordPress website.

How exactly to Customise and add new features to your site.

Just how to Optimise your website, get listed and within the search engines.

Starting Your Own Website or Blog

Getting started with any new endeavour is probably the most difficult part as your knowledge level is very low and so choosing the most effective approach can be difficult.

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One which just build a website there are many considerations you meed to consider, and choices that you should make. They are:

Decide which kind of site- standard website or blog?

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Do you wish to build a no cost website.

Decide on the webpage building technology to use.

Choose the Domain Name.

Choose a web hosting provider,purchase hosting space and register the domain name.

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