Career: Being Functional In Your Work Environment

being functional in your work environment

You can’t use a map unless you know your own location on it. Persons who confront their own reality objectively always find a way to reduce confusion and misalignment. You have to agree with yourself about what the truth is right now – in your company, your project and in your life – for you to move forward.

Take Control

You need to understand and fathom what your current job really is. Be truthful to yourself. Do a thorough inventory to prevent failing yourself or your work environment.

Start with asking yourself the following questions:

What exactly is it what you’re doing and what is exactly expected from you? What are your daily priorities? It’s not as obvious as you think.

To get to the true answer of these questions you will have to answer the following questions.

Suggestion: Draw a personalised table for your answers.

1.   What are your current tasks?

This questions is about your commitments and responsibilities and it will be things like phone calls, emails, conversations, errants, brainstorming ideas and so on.

2.   What are your current projects?

This one is about your goals. Only you sets your agenda and remember, you’re getting paid for it. You need to ask yourself which goals require more than one action to get completed and plan a way to structure your actions.

3.    What are your current areas of responsibilities?

It may be things like staff development, asset management, planning oversight and customer service. But you need to remember, you are NOT responsible for or running the company. Do not go beyond your job. Do what you were hired to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

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4.    How are your professional responsibilities and your personal life going to be changed over the next year?

You probably mesh your work with your private life. You need to remember, even if you are a one-person conglomerate, that you are also a living-breathing person that has needs outside the work environment. Care for your personal needs. If you’re not good to yourself how can you be good to others. You must draw some line between your work and your personal life. If you don’t you will become an unhappy person and will fail at the job that you once so much loved.

5.    How is your life going to change over the next five years?

This important question will tell you where you’re at right now, namely what you’re achieving in the present time and where you want to go from there.

“It takes about ten years to get used to how old you are”. Unknown

Complete this inventory of the commitments, issues and projects that currently exist in your life and you will have the tools to define your work and your personal life. It won’t be easy but it will prepare you for your immediate and long-term feature.

So, find your place on the map and determine if you need to go left or right.

“Discipline does not mean suppression and control, nor is it adjustment to a pattern or ideology. It means the mind sees “what is” and learns from it.

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