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Blizzard Is Undergoing An Indie Exodus Right Now-Report



“It really will reflect the experiences of this community, what they’re trying to accomplish, and what they think about the path ahead of them unfolding,” Hazzikostas said. “And there are a number of alternatives to think about buy WoTLK Gold, but first things first we need to get them in Outland. Let’s ensure that the it’s a pleasant experience and everything is as it should be for them. And then we’ll figure out what to do next.”

Blizzard Is Undergoing An Indie Exodus Right Now-Report

Chris Metzen. Mike Morhaime. Jeff Kaplan. Blizzard has seen a number of major name-brand departures from the studio over the past few years, and as a new report on the critically acclaimed studio provides, a lot of the people who quit Blizzard are going independent.

IGN has recently spoken to numerous sources both inside and outside of Blizzard for a new report that describes the prestigious developer as one that is at the crossroads. It is worth noting how numerous former Blizzard developers are either forming or joining the new indie gaming studios.

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That’s why the person responsible for bringing this change is not a person other than the former Blizzard CFO Mike Morhaime, who retired from Blizzard in 2019 following more than two decades. In 2020. he founded Dreamhaven which is a video game business with the intention of giving “agile studios to be focused on their craft and develop their ideas,” while “providing support and resources over the long term.” Three development studios currently operate under the Dreamhaven banner: Moonshot Games, Secret Door as well as Lightforge Games WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. Every studio is home to a wealth in former Blizzard talent.

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