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Bet on the 2022 Madden NFL 23 Draft on DraftKings’ Sportsbook.

The Madden NFL 23 season is over, and draft season is now Madden 23 coins . As the Super Bowl in the books we know the competition draft order as well as we know that the Senior Bowl has given us the chance to look at some of the best college players. Let’s not waste more time and dive right in.No. 1: Jacksonville Jaguars — Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

I’m sticking to this line from my mock draft last year. Cam Robinson is likely heading into free-agency, but even if he decides to re-sign with the Jaguars should be able to offer Trevor Lawrence some more protection. Sure, in the end, one of the pass rushers could be a better choice for this position, but it’s not more important in the contemporary Madden NFL 23 than have a quarterback and protecting them. If that doesn’t happen, all else is moot. Neal has absolutely unreal size at 6’7” and 340lbs and can move like a player 80 pounds lighter.

Also, there’s room to develop and grow and grow, which means that he’s not even attained his full potential.No. 2: Detroit Lions — Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan It’s a safe option for a team becoming more and more impressive. Hutchinson is a great local player that fans will love, but it also is the case that he’s the top defensive end of the draft. An all-in-one difference maker from day one it’s the ideal pick of the Lions.

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Bet on the 2022 Madden NFL 23 Draft on DraftKings’ Sportsbook. 3: Houston Texans — Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame There are many options I can imagine the Texans choosing this player, but among the things they’re lacking is defensive leadership particularly at the defensive end. It’s a great selection for a safety, however Hamilton is a legitimate star, and right now I’m not really considering a scenario in which the Texans might trade back and not get him. So I think they keep him, make the decision, and pick the best player.

No. 4. New York Jets — Ahmad Gardner, CB, Cincinnati This is essentially just a coin toss that will decide between Gardner to Derek Stingley Jr. It’s possible to see this decision taking either direction, but Gardner’s size is beyond rare. At 6’3″, he has abnormal physical attributes that permit him to be outside, and counter the current Madden NFL 23 trend of putting big, possession receivers in the middle of the field. Gardner also has the size (200 pounds) to play with tight ends who are athletic and not be overwhelmed.

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No. 5. New York Giants -No. 5: New York Giants Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE, Oregon The Giants have promising pass rushers already, but their potential in this position is too great to overlook. It wasn’t long ago that Thibodeaux was thought to be the no cheap madden 23 coins . 1 overall pick, but teams that are at the high of this draft will favor security over potential. The pick will greatly diversify the Giants 3-4-5 pass rush, and will give them plenty of weapons to throw at opposing quarterbacks.

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