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It has been two years since Blizzard announced the launch of World of Warcraft Classic in 2017, and now it’s finally here. Welcome to Learn latest wow classic news and buy wow classic gold form here.

What do you miss on classic?

People are used to thinking about the old. Throughout the versions of Warcraft, although each version has a sound of praise and demeanor, and compared with the earliest classic one, the current Warcraft is already another game in the degree of delicacy. But in contrast, the initial rough has become the most classic version.

Just as some people like to listen to the old songs, some people love retro costumes, there will be lots of old players joining in at the opening of World of Warcraft Classic. It has been 15 years from the vanilla era in 2005 to the latest Warcraft. And the classic old age seems to be far away, like the adventures of ignorant teenagers in another world. Warcraft’s most prosperous period is level 60s, which is a milestone in MMO games. The background of the Official World of Warcraft Classic is also attached to the level 60’s version, which is the first big version of World of Warcraft, creating a new world for us. In this world, people who went in couldn’t get out, and those who got out couldn’t forget it.

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The classic plots can’t be forgotten; the career quests can’t be forgotten; the night specializing in talent tree can’t be forgotten; the simplicity, kindness and blood times can’t be forgotten; the brothers who were playing together couldn’t be forgotten; and also the ‘ME’ who could hold on to one thing for so long, can’t be forgotten…

The days used to be very slow, and at that time, we, in World of Warcraft, were interested in long time leveling and risking adventure as residents of Azelas.

Do we really need the Classic?

There are different views on the opening of World of Warcraft Classic. The straight leveling up, the flying mounts and the random raids have saved us a lot of time. And this is the regular pace of life. Then why the players like the classic version? In fact, there are a large number of loyal players of blizzard who do not want to follow the current version to keep moving forward, but choose to stay in a fixed version of the game in their own way. Maybe because most of the people who played Warcraft were students and now they are already the head of the family. They no longer have the energy to accept new things, but miss the past, so classic is the best choice.

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A few years ago, an old player said that if there were a classic version, he would create a new account and then point to the dazzling items maps and tell his son one by one.

‘Look, this is where your father walked before.’ Finally we will definitely offer cheap WOW Classic gold as soon as the game launches.

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