Before you dive too deeply on the MT 2K23 guide, we’d recommend spending some time in training mode 2KU and tinkering with those settings which work best for you. This page has put together a list of suggestions to get started.NBA 2K23 has a ton of camera options for you to test but you’ll never be able to compare to the tried and true 2K, in our view.

This puts you behind your offensive counterparts, just a bit like in Madden NFL, allowing players to have a complete understanding of the floor as well as identify any lanes that are open or teammates with wide-open spaces. This perspective also proves ideal for defense as it gives you an accurate view of the player you’re guarding as well as any movements around you. Of course, you are able to adjust the zoom and the height to get a more rounded viewpoint, and you could reduce motion blur in the Settings if you find that affects your timing.

A brand new feature in NBA 2K23 allows you to find out how fast or slow the shot meter appears, when it is enabled. There are four different options in the Controller Settings The options are Very Early, Early, Late and Very Late. While playing around with this option doesn’t change the animations in your jump shots, it does change the speed at which your meter appears. Personally, we enjoy it to be Very Early.

As the meter displays nearly immediately after pressing the button and gives you a few extra milliseconds to make sure you’re timing your release correctly, but if you’re always undercooking your shots, you may want to go with the time of release to be Late as well or something in the middle. The best method to determine which method works best for you is to test with your favorite players in 2KU.

By default, your Defensive Assist Strength will be set at 50 in the Controller Settings. This feature tries to predict how your adversaries will move you’re guarding, but we’ve found it to be a bit in some instances to be aggressive. You can turn this off completely if you are confident in your abilities on the sticks, however we’d suggest allowing it to be on a little bit to ensure you have little magnetism to help you stay ahead of your competitors. Take your time in NBA 2K MT Coins to determine what is most effective for you, but personally we believe about 25 is the ideal place to be.

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