Be The Man That Gets His Wife Back

Possibly the single prevalent bit of marriage advice to get your wife back is to stop listening to what women say they want and start seeing what women really show that they want.

How do they show what they want? For how to get your wife back is as simple as spotting what type of men they choose.

Have you ever noticed that when women say ” I want a man who listens” they choose someone who dominates the conversation. And when they say they want a guy who makes them laugh, they choose a man with money.

So why do women say one thing when they want another? Well, it all comes down to our evolution and our subconscious motivators for choosing a mate. And that’s how you’ll realize what what you need to do to get your wife back. Start by being the man she really wants.

The historical, genetic purpose for men and women to get together is to reproduce the species. In other words, simply for the reason that getting pregnant may be the very last thing on her conscious mind as she evaluates a man at the subconscious level,  she’s still on the hunt for a good papa for her kids.

So when figuring out how to win your wife back, do you think listening to her will make you a better father in her eyes? NO. If you can show her that you have the finances and security to look after her and the kids, then she will stick with you.

Your lady wants you to be a strong provider. This all comes down to the fact that she only has about 400 chances to have a baby. So if you can show her that you will be there for your kids and for her, then to “get my wife back” will be rather easy.

A man that tells a women he is a lawyer and not a paralegal will have a greater chance of landing her. That is because she feels that a lawyer is a better provider for her future offspring.

Nevertheless having a nice income is not sufficient. A woman requires to notice that a man is liberal with his resources and will supply for her kids. That is why for “how to get my wife back”, women put such a high value on gifts such as jewelry.

That is why splashing out on an expensive wedding ring is not only traditional and romantic, but it is to show her that to “get my wife back” you can provide for her and the children.

Moreover, even though modern humans receive riches more from their intellect than their strength, women are still programmed to visualize might equaling the ability to provide. That’s why, even when there is evidence to the contrary in the shape of a tax return, the woman is hardwired to take the lineman over the computer geek.

To end off, the most important thing to do to get your wife back is to understand what kind of man she requires from an instinctual perspective and then become that man.


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