As we’ve been in the process of developing WOTLK Classic Gold Legion we’ve also worked to enhance alt play. Thus, we’ve developed Artifact catch-up mechanics, upgrading the Legendary system, and giving accounts milestones for certain things, like The Suramar Dungeons. This means that when you unlock them on one character, it’s possible to achieve them on different characters. Then, once you’ve reached pathfinder part two and fly, all your characters on that account can fly. So, we’re trying to simplify the process; make it friendlier to Alts. You’ll be able to enter those Order Halls of course in the event that you’ve created an Alt.

With Patch 7.2 it’s like most of the changes are sort or targeted at more hardcore players. As an avid player who plays of casual, solo play do you think this will remain attractive to people like me or to people who don’t have as much time week to week to commit to the game? To be able to still have fun and play without commitment and to enjoy all the new content?

TD What we’re all really excited about in 7.2 is that we’re able to provide a lot of content. This is the largest patch we’ve every done in WoW and, more importantly, to your level there’s plenty of different players on WoW as well as a myriad of different styles of play. In my opinion, we’re appealing to all demographics. We have things in here such as Pet Battle Dungeons for those who prefer to log on and do their Pet Battles.

We’ve got a whole World of Warcraft Quest. The outdoor world players, those who don’t like to take part in hardcore quests or dungeons have something there.A few users on the game’s subreddit complained about the shorter than usual pre-patch timeframe, as a lot of players didn’t have the time to organize their schedules in advance of the release of the patch, or simply wanted to have more space to test their new characters at level 60 prior to the release of Burning Crusade.

As the user Periodiko notes in the game’s subreddit with an unreviewed comment on the subject of pre-patch length, Blizzard never officially said how length the pre-patch will be prior to the decision to announce it, “The explicit intention of allowing people to level [Blood Elves and buy WOTLK Classic Gold  Draenei was in order to let them level up to 60 before TBC. It is expected that there will be a reasonable period to complete this in…it is extremely unlikely we’d only get two weeks as that would be a really bad way to do it.”

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