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Although he drew inspiration from other MMOs

The author adds: “While the  RuneScape gold numbers  and statistics stuff isn’t something that all players enjoy the most about MMOs However, it’s what people who are devoted fans tend to tend to gravitate towards after the exploration is finished. Because it’s so integral to what the longest term players’ attention is it makes sense to adopt this as one of the main elements of the game’s design. Furthermore, it blends perfectly with the design elements that are common to many games that are not played.”

Although he drew inspiration from other MMOs However, the structure is the main focus of RuneScape was one he followed specifically, and constructing its world Melvor Idle, a world that is a parallel one with the 20 years old RPG. “RuneScape became a crucial touchstone for the game because it was such a fundamental gameplay for me” He says.”

Like most I got into RuneScape because most of my peers used to play it. The fact that it was a browser-based game is a large part of this, that very low entry barrier combined with RuneScape’s deep branching and complexity was what I kept coming back to the game for a long time — which is something I wanted to emulate with Melvor Idle.”

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With Malcolm being transparent about his ideas when he was interviewed, word soon got to Jagex that a fan was building a game based off its own MMO. One of the staff members flagged it to management, with head of the product department Chris Pfeiffer telling us his team was impressed with “how much had been achieved and how well it was in line to RuneScape.”

“The idea behind Melvor Idle is also completely in tune with our primary principles of what constitutes live games — this was therefore a natural fit for us,” the CEO says. “Furthermore, the thought of offering someone in our community an opportunity to make a difference has been a hugely exciting experience for everyone at the company.”

Pfieffer and his cheap RS gold colleagues tried Melvor Idle on their own and loved it enough to reach for Malcolm in hopes of discussing the idea of teaming up in early 2021.

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