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After your brief chat with Ronika her lostark

After your brief chat with Ronika her, she’ll request you to do a little task for her. The objective is known as investigating Ronika Traces. Take note of all objectives you must complete while playing the game. You will see an orange mark in the map Buy Lost Ark Gold. Follow the directions and you’ll easily find it.

Also, the action Ronika desires you to accomplish will be shown upon the map. In this, you have to check a machine that is currently running. In the next step, you will need to find a way to stop it and examine the boxes that are stacked there.

Find the Secret Key

Once you are at the location Once you have arrived, connect to the module and then receive a call from Elisa. Then she will request for you to take down Lost Ark Tarmakum Boss in the X-301 Region. In reality, Tarmakum’s boss is in the Underground zone. To go there, you’ll need an Secret Hideout Key.

  Lost Ark: Wartung am 27. Juli 2022 - Powerpsse vorubergehend deaktiviert

In addition, for the construction of the key , you require items. The necessary materials to create the key are Current Coils 30 and Power Batteries 1000. It is good to know that these can easily be achieved by opening the chest. You will have to defeat several enemies in the area then you can gain access to the chest. Find all the required items from the chest and bring those to Bergstrom’s Investigator ( He is an NPC). Then there your secret hideout Key will be crafted.Lost Ark unterzieht euch einem Tipp-Test cheap Lost Ark Gold, whrend es euch ansthnt und mit Brusten ablenkt


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