Affiliate Programs (4 of 5): Finding New Affiliates!

Some online businessmen have claimed that they were able to have hundreds of dollars worth of sales overnight. And their stories have inspired other businessman to persevere in e-commerce. Their stories have also made many other online businessmen curious about what could have brought such a success in Internet business. The reason for such an astounding amount of sales is called affiliate marketing.

What actually happened to such successful online businesses is that the affiliates increased the traffic of visitors to their websites and consequently were able to boost the sales significantly. Thus, many online companies today are looking into establishing their own affiliate marketing programs. But where do online companies find affiliates that are professional, reliable, and honest? Here are some recommendations.

1. Be listed in affiliate program directories

Affiliate marketing program is a niche in Internet marketing. This is why there are many sites that have a dedicated list or directory of affiliate programs. Professional affiliates go to such sites when they are searching for new products to promote. An online business must have its affiliate program listed in such a directory so that affiliates can find it. To do this, the online businessman must open an Affiliate Program Directory, such as in Google, and then submit his affiliate marketing program.

2. Link up with complementary websites

The online businessman should analyze the type of his target market. Then he must find websites that are already attracting such target market. These websites are complementary websites. For example, if the online business is selling computer software, then the businessman should find websites that sell complementary products such as computer and computer parts. He should stay away from competing websites, i.e., those that sell the same products. And he should also avoid websites that sell products that are not related to his own products. For example, it will be disastrous to link up with alternative medicine when the product being sold is computer software.

Once the online businessman has found complementary websites, he should contact them and offer his affiliate marketing program. The owners of such complementary websites will be the “perfect affiliates” since they are already catering to the target market of the online businessman.

3. Link up with content websites

Content websites feature articles that focus on ideas and concepts and not on selling any product. Such articles are informative and visitors are more likely to go back to these content websites again and again for the information that these websites provide. The online businessman should link up with such content sites because the information from these sites is an important ingredient in successful affiliate marketing.

4. Offer affiliate programs to the visitors and consumers

The online businessman can tap into the visitors and consumers of his own website. He will place a link in his website that leads to the presentation of the affiliate marketing program.

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