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What is Shelf-Edge Display Technology?

Technology may feel like it is taking over the world, and that is because it is. Slowly everything is going to have a digital adjacent. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just one that is going to take some adjustment. With technology advancing, so is the way of the world. Have you ever heard of Shelf-edge display technology? If not, let’s dive in and learn more about it.

What is Shelf-Edge Display Technology?

This newly transformed technology is something that will help catch your eye more in the store. Do you know those paper tags at the end of the shelves in all the isles? Yeah, that is what we’re talking about. There are employees changing thousands of those out a day to keep up with the store and item promotions. This can easily be eliminated with something that is called digital shelf. The technology provides a quicker solution than changing out small little paper tags all day.

There is a big revolutionary transition here for the grocery store industry. Grocery stores spend huge amounts of time and money on labels and tags to promote the sale and indicate how much their products cost. Even though it will cut down some of the employees that are needed to put up all the paper tags, here are some ways that shelf-edge technology will change the game.

Dynamic Pricing

When it comes to finding the right price on items, we know that it is a strategy between businesses, but this is how shelf-edge display technology is going to change the game. It will increase the price sensitiy to customers and promotional insensitivity among competitors. It is very important for a company to respond to other companies price or promotional changes.

Central Control

There is an opportunity with shelf-edge technology that will provide retailers to be ahead of the game with their pricing strategies, opposed to proactive. When this is able to occur, the company has a little bit more lead way with strategy and testing products. With proper strategy, the better a owner knows when to discount certain items and at what time. This is easier to do with an technology that allows it, so the employees are bombarding with ten times the extra work.

In-store Messaging

This new technology will also be able to provide companies with new ways to target experienced and loyal shoppers. There are also ways to entice and engage with shoppers and this is it! With tailored content just for them – presented on the shelf screen, they will be more engaged and more likely to continue shopping at your particular store.

Product Pricing

The new shelf-edge display technology will help with monitoring competitors pricing and promotions, which means that your pricing can be change at live time, instead of waiting for your employees to change out the paper cards over night. With a digital screen showing your customers that they are getting the best price compared to your competitors, they won’t go anywhere else.

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