Additionally enhancement: got broken at the start

It is silly that much development time gets spent on expansion specific material. Island expeditions. Warfronts. Or when they figure out that warfronts weren’t likely to function as intended. It was a significant characteristic of the WOW TBC Classic Gold bfa growth and imo was largely a dud of a feature. Same with islands. It might have been just so much better but only turned into a slog festival of azerite grinding. It’s a huge waste of money to design a system that only continues an expansion.

It is so hard for me though to get round the thought that blizz is aware of what they’re doing when they implement a system. They put systems in half completed intentionally. Look at the legendaries in legion. Participants were saying, making posts on official forums, so that the system they had been implementing for legendaries was terrible and was just going to upset the participant base. Silence. It was set in as is of course, people were angry. Some had 2, most had 1, some had none. Even people who had at least didn’t always get what they wanted/needed. It took blizzard buffing the drop rates on legiondaries to make it feel better with”bad luck protection”. It required the entire growth for them to put the machine as it should have been in the start. They understand but for the interest of MAUs they add in fans and changes to systems to have people to stay or return.

Additionally enhancement: got broken at the start of the expansionwith a tried rework(Legion), were really great for a week due to a bug and poor gear so nobody scaled yet. Bug got fixed, and we had been in the garbage for another 3 raids, together with continuous recurrence of’we had no time this patch, we guarantee we fix it at the next one’. 9.3 came out and they said, needs to wait until growth.

It didnt occur in bfa – we sucked there also drama wise, we had some raidtiers where we had been midst of the pack instead of bottom third, but thats it. They finally de-reworked the entire spec into a better version of the pre-legion gamestyle (gameplaywise) and then just never buffed us to be competitive in raids. I think they just have some very dedicated designers for some courses and specs, and those which are constantly abandoned and disregarded just dont have someone who wants it to succeed, so they simply get looked in sparingly and get a 5 percent buff here and there.

Wait wait wait wait. I stopped playing back throughout Cataclysm, and that had already been a meme back then cause it was literally in the WOTLK trailer. I have kept up only a tiny bit Through the Years and completely forgot about this haha

As somebody who had to give up playing classic due to lack of time, it has its flaws, since it’s a really old game at this point, but it did a lot too. It didn’t have a ton of throwaway pieces. Everything in classic has been essentially required, so as to cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold operate somewhere else in classic. I have not seen a game with systems that incorporated since then.

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