Darkmoon Faire is one of the features of WoW Classic. It’s an event that starts on the first Friday of each month and lasts until Sunday. It starts on Friday, but it takes three days to set it up so players gain access to it on Monday. You will see NPCs in Ironforge and Orgrimmar announcing the fair. The locations are Elwynn Forest and Mulgore. It alternates between these two locations. Unlike WoW retail, the location in Classic is known. There is no portal to transport you to the fair. You will need to travel by the usual means to the location. Once you get to the fair, you can start taking part in activities to earn prizes.

Darkmoon Faire prize tickets are a type of currency that players obtain when completing repeatable quests and when they turn in items. The items can be bought from the auction house. Some come from professions, but you don’t need to have a certain profession to acquire and turn in the items. Also, note that the quests are not daily quests so you can complete them as many times a day as you wish. Quests also give you reputation, but there are no reputation rewards.

Each type of quest has five tiers. When you achieve a certain reputation level, the current quest becomes unavailable and the next one associated with the next tier unlocks. The tiers are also tied to character levels. For example, tier one of the animal parts turn in quest series requires players to turn in small furry paws that drop from level 15-20 mobs. The last tier requires parts from level 55-60 mobs. The profession-associated quests require you to turn in items that are created with blacksmithing, engineering, and leatherworking.

The prize tickets are used to buy items from the event vendors. The prizes obtained with tickets enclose various items such as green armors, bags, recipes, and gems. The most expensive prizes cost 1,200 tickets. These are two necklaces, one for melee and another for casters. Darkmoon Faire decks can be traded for epic trinkets.

A deck is assembled when all eight cards are collected. These drop from dungeon bosses and elemental invasion bosses. You can also obtain buffs during the fair. The buffs give you a 10% boost to a stat. Find the special NPCs and you will also acquire two new pets. Make sure to have two Dark Iron Ale Mugs interact with one of the pets NPC. Darkmoon Faire mini-games include the humanoid cannon and tank battle simulator.

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