Babies: Selecting Baby Gifts And Unique Baby Keepsakes

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Selecting baby gifts. A new baby born, congratulations and celebrations but what to give as that special memorable gift will be treasured for years to come. A gift that is different, unusual and unique. Personalised gifts are popular, showing thoughtful gift selection and sentimental value. So, how about choosing a gift which really is that

Does Physical Activity Affect The Brain Aging Process?

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Physical activity and the brain aging process. Although extensive research has been done into the benefits of physical activity on general anti-aging efforts, but not enough done to understand the direct effect in the human brain. At least, that’s the opinion of Dr. Mark Peterson, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Medicine. Peterson,

How To Detach Past Negative Experiences

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Past Negative Experiences.Our lives are the result of countless thoughts, experiences and memories. How we react to each and every circumstance we encounter in life is dependent on many factors. In this article I want to share the importance of associations and attachments to things we experience, and how they greatly affect our life’s direction.

Are You Verbally Abused?

Unspoken Verbal Abuse

Are you being verbally abused? When we hear ‘verbal abuse’ we immediately imagine shouting, swearing and anger. If we listen quietly we can even hear the verbal abuse in our minds. But there is another side to verbal abuse that is so devious that even the victim is unaware that they are being verbally abused