Scams: Gerard “Jerry” Brewer – Wilmington, NC – Fraud

Homeless Man Live In Grave 3

Homeless Man Lives In A Grave For The Last 15 Years

Life-Size Transformer Sculptures 

The World’s Smallest Postal Service

Hyper-Environmental Skyscraper Acts Like A Squid 

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Guy Sues Parents For Not Loving Him Enough, Wants $200,000

Silicon Valley Tech Companies Turn to Wiccan Witch For Help


Trained Eagles Tackle Pesky Drone Problem

Japanese Hotel Rents Out An Alpaca Wedding Witness

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Woman Spends 14 Years With Mannequin Family

Guy Crashed Elite College Courses for Four Years, Never Got Caught

Dark Japan Revealed In Film About Internet Cafe Living

Chinese Company Builds 57-Storey Skyscraper in Record 19 Days 

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Pseudis Paradoxa – The Paradoxical Frog That Shrinks as It Grows

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You Think Taxes Are Bad? They Were Heavier in Ancient Egypt

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How To Survive If You Wake Up And You’re Buried Alive

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They Thought They Were Lucky When They Cheated Death

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Owner Finds Her Missing Cat After A Year, Now Twice The Size

The Origins of Voodoo, the Misunderstood Religion

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Actual People Accused Of Being Monsters – Peter Stumpp

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The Untold Truth About Hypnosis

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The Grey Wolf Triumphantly Returns To Southern France


Actual People Accused Of Being Monsters – Abhartach

Anneliese Michel

Actual People Accused Of Being Monsters – Anneliese Michel

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Crow Rides On The Back Of An Eagle In Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos

1 h 45 min

Artist Used LSD And Drew Herself For 9 Hours To Show How It Affects The Brain

This Store Sells T-Shirts With Hilarious Incorrect Quotes!

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Facts About The Titanic That’s Not True

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Punishments In The Russian Army

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Why 40% of Vietnamese People Have the Same Last Name