WW2 German Ace Escorts Crippled B-17 Home

World War II Stories: WW2 German Ace Stumbled Across A Crippled B-17 And Escorted It Home

Operation Jericho 1

World War II Stories: Operation Jericho – A Rescue Mission That Turned Deadly

lincoln kennedy

The Abraham Lincoln And John F Kennedy Parallels

Alternative Views: South Korean Provocations Sparked The Korean War

Six-Day War

Alternative Views: The Soviet Union Instigated The Six-Day-War

The US Provoked Japan Into War

Alternative Views: The US Provoked Japan Into War

Hitler feared French admired British

Alternative Views: Hitler Feared French Admired British

ancient rome

Alternative Views: The Ancient Romans Were Actually Prudes

How Fanta Was Created for Nazi Germany

World War II Stories: How Fanta Was Created for Nazi Germany

John Jack Whiteside Parsons

This Cultist Was The Father Of Modern Rocketry

Codex Gigas

How The Codex Gigas Became The Devil’s Bible

Ancient prophecies

Ancient Prophecies That Came True

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World War II Stories: The Ready Made British Resistance

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Did Colorado Kill Doc Holliday?

Man nearly caused human extinction 7,000 years ago 1

New Theory: Men Nearly Caused Human Extinction 7,000 Years Ago

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World War II Stories: Albert Goering, The Anti-Nazi Brother Of Hermann


World War II Stories: Soham Rail Disaster

The Secret Tomb Of St. Nicholas 1

Researchers Claim They’ve Found The Secret Tomb Of St. Nicholas

Earliest Humans More Advanced Than Originally Thought


World War II Stories: Bombers Of The Second World War – Capt. Donald Macintosh

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The Newspapers Loved To Tease Thomas Edison

Weirdest Weather Events Ever Recorded In History

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Indian Legends And Victorian Bath Houses Of Eureka Springs

The Teapot Dome Scandal

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Thomas Garrett And Delaware S Underground Railroad


Toutatis, Errant Wanderer That “Misses” Earth Every Four Years

Protected Secret Bases