earth's magnetic field

Earth’s Magnetic Field ‘Preserved Habitability’ at Two Key Points in Planet’s History

Earth’s magnetic field preserved the planet’s habitability at two key points in its history, scientists have said. By developing a strong shield around the planet early after it formed, the magnetic field may have helped protect the components necessary for life to emerge—a discovery that could have implications for the search for alien life on…

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Venus May Once Have Been Habitable

Planet Venus. In his 1954 novel Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov imagined seas filled with life and underwater cities on our neighboring planet. It wasn’t long, however, before we discovered what really lurks beneath Venus’s thick cloud cover. In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States’ and Soviet…

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design deep space ufo

Designing A Deep-Space UFO

Let’s design a deep-space ufo! SPACE REQUIREMENTS: Our deep-space UFO must be large enough to house a human crew of 10 or 12 comfortably for a long period of time (several months).  It must contain life support systems, food and water processing equipment, navigation equipment, medical facilities, recreation facilities, waste recycling facilities, science and photographic divisions,…

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The Curiosity Rover Spotted Wispy Clouds In The Martian Skies

The Curiosity rover spotted wispy cloud. New images from NASA’s Curiosity rover revealed wispy, early-season clouds streaking across the Martian sky. The clouds on Mars resemble the thin ice-crystal cirrus clouds found in Earth’s atmosphere. The images, taken by the rover’s Navigation Camera (Navcam) on July 17, offer the best view yet of such clouds captured by Curiosity. “It is…

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Dark Matter: Is It Right In Front Of Us?

Dark Matter. We know, pretty simply, how stars work. We know how much light they give off, and that’s very closely related to their mass. Brighter stars are more massive; dimmer stars are less so. [caption id="attachment_20988" align="aligncenter" width="768"][/caption] So when we look at an entire galaxy, what we’re really measuring is all of the light…

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Unexplained Deep Space Mysteries

Unexplained deep space mysteries. The universe contains some much stranger, much larger, and much more terrifying mysteries than you ever thought to be afraid of. The Travelling Blackhole Black holes are bad news, but here’s one way to make them worse: send them flying across space. That’s apparently what happened to one particularly large black…

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